Why we built NoCodeLetters

Nagesh Bansal
3 min readJun 9, 2021

We are excited to announce that after weeks of development, we are at a stage where we are rolling out the private beta of NoCodeLetters — easiest way to send your newsletters directly from Notion.

We have always been excited about how to ease email marketing, especially for small businesses. Personally, we have always worked with emails extensively in the past and it would not be an exaggeration to say that we would have sent a few million emails over the last few years. We started exploring around the possibility to make email marketing campaign as easy as abc for entrepreneurs and small businesses so that they could focus on what was most important for them, building things.

While working on the same, Notion released its Public APIs and being the nerds that we are, we saw it as a perfect opportunity to showcase our skills as well as validate our hypothesis for the elaborate tool that we are building. This is when we started building NoCodeLetters.

NoCodeLetters started with the same hypothesis that people already love Notion and are using it to write most of their content. Besides, Notion is already the best at organising and managing data. So why not let the writers and the creatives do what they do best — write within Notion instead of having to move things around and allow them to send emails/newsletters/digest directly from Notion.

Voila — this is exactly why we built NoCodeLetters

And that is when we started building NoCodeLetters. So the obvious question becomes, isn’t there such a tool already in the market? Well not something as simple as NoCodeLetter.

With NoCodeLetters, you can send your emails with just three simple steps.

Step 1

Create a newsletter in Notion.

Step 2

Connect and preview your newsletter on NoCodeLetters

Step 3

Send it to your audience with the click of the send button.

We have seen a lot of products in the market where doing simple things was a lot complicated. We think the biggest two advantage over the existing products are

  • You won’t have to make your notion pages public
  • You won’t need to constantly go back to Notion to copy each individual page links every time you want to send a newsletter

We believe that as content creators, writers, creatives, you are already doing a lot of hard work and that your focus should be on writing. With NoCodeLetters, you can easily continue writing on Notion and leave the rest to us.

If you like the idea and want to take NoCodeLetters for a spin, sign up for our beta on the website. Oh, did we mention, we are completely free while we are in the beta and as an early beta customers, you can not only provide us the feedback but also will have the opportunity to make feature requests which would be worked on at high priority.

Happy writing!